appalachia20svc20project20logo1Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation — bringing thousands of volunteers from around the country to rural Central Appalachia to repair homes for low-income families. Their goal is to make homes “warmer, safer and drier” for needy families and for more than 40 years, they’ve done exactly that for thousands of families. Rehoboth Missions is proud to partner with ASP staff each year by participating in their Youth Program during the summer. The youth of Rehoboth UMC travel to Appalachia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier but return home stronger, wiser, and closer to God.

2017 ASP Theme

We are pleased to announce our theme for the upcoming program year –  LOVE IN ACTION.  The verse that will carry that theme is 1 John 3:18 

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

Christ calls us to move beyond our words, to show our LOVE IN ACTION. It’s not enough to recognize those around us that are in need; we must serve others through the good works that God has set out before us. This summer, come be a part of a movement in Central Appalachia that speaks louder than words, put your LOVE IN ACTION with us!

Special care has been taken by God to create each one of us. God has fashioned us into a masterpiece of creation, unique with all our quirks, limitations, and strengths. In Christ, we receive God’s grace through our faith and become God’s work of art. However, we are not created to be admired or viewed as a piece of art, but each one of us has been prepared for a purpose. God has saved us to serve. This year, come serve with Appalachia Service Project to discover what great works of service God has created in advance for you to do.

What You’ll Do at ASP

  • Make one family’s home warmer, safer, and drier
  • Repair roofs, install insulation, fix floors, shore up foundations, build handicapped ramps, and perform a host of other improvements and repairs
  • Worship, bond, and pull together as a group
  • Lift an Appalachian family’s spirits and remind them that God’s love knows no boundaries

What ASP Will Do for You

  • Develop a heart for Christian service
  • Help you make a dent in poverty right here in America
  • Give you new appreciation for what you have
  • Draw your church group closer together
  • Come home more on fire for your faith and more involved in your church or community.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2017 Trip

Rehoboth Missions has registered for the 2017 Appalachia Service Project (ASP) and this year we will be traveling to Tennessee. We are very excited to see how God will use us this year. The dates for this year’s mission trip will be June 24-July 1, 2017. It is vitally important for you to review all of the information on this page, and in particular the Required Reading below). The minimum age required for youth is 14. ASP 2017 volunteer packet provides additional details for participants and parents of youth who are interested in attending this year’s mission trip. It is very important that EVERYONE who is interested in attending the mission trip thoroughly reviews this document. Your name will not be added to the team roster until all requirements listed in this document have been completed and returned to the ASP Coordinator, Gary Schetrompf. Please place the forms and all attachments in the ASP mailbox in the church mail center.

Furthermore every participant and parent must read the: ASP Expectations, Rules and Regulations, Safety Manual for Volunteers, 3- S’s Sensitivity, Safety and Stewardship.

2017 ASP Online Registration Instructions which gives a complete tutorial on how to complete this process. Please follow the instructions carefully. After your Application has been received and you have been added to the 2017 ASP Team Roster, you will need to complete the online registration on the Appalachian Service Project’s (ASP) website. Simply follow the link to the

ASP Packing List

For more information about Appalachia Service Project, see

For many years we have sent teams of volunteers to Central Appalachia with the goal to make homes warmer, safer and drier for families in need, while offering transformational experiences for families, volunteers and staff alike. The majority of the volunteers are high school aged youth who perform most of the repairs themselves under the watchful eyes and guidance of adult leaders.

ASP is more than just a home repair program. Often the experience serves to enlighten everyone that the differences between us are only perceived—deep down we all want to be loved, to belong, to own something, and to create something worthwhile—no matter where we live, our economic status, education, or ethnic identity. No one walks away from the ASP experience unchanged—not the families served, the volunteers, or ASP staff.

To make this service trip a reality requires financial support.

ASP 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Levels

  • Silver Nail ($1-$49): You will receive a sponsor certificate and a postcard from the ASP team.
  • Golden Hammer ($50 or more): You will receive a certificate, a postcard from the ASP team and a photo of the team.
  • Platinum Toolbox (Sponsor a volunteer, $310.00): You will receive a certificate, a postcard from the ASP team, a photo of the team and a 2017 ASP T-shirt or 2 ASP Coffee Mugs (please specify on sponsor form).

Please consider becoming a sponsor. Simply fill out the 2017 Appalachian Service Project Sponsor Form. Please use a Special Offering Envelope and place in the offering plate or in the ASP Mailbox in the hallway or give to the ASP Volunteer you are sponsoring.