What is the project?

The Construction of a new building; specifically we are looking at a 13,500 square foot, handicap accessible, multipurpose building with kitchen, gathering place, and entry and an additional 5600 square feet for classrooms.

Who has approved the project?

The Project has been approved by the Church Council to conduct a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to begin construction of the multi-purpose building and classrooms.

A. How did we get to this point?(What is the project’s history?)

There is a 15 plus year history in which the Church bought the property and paid it off; there are 105 acres available. The infrastructure including road, water, sewer, pavilion, and gazebo with electrical service has since been completed through giving and incurrence of debt. The total cost for the land, and improvements was over $1.2 million. The Church giving into the Building fund has provided sufficient funds to pay off this debt and the project is debt-free. In addition, Bob and Shirley Harsh have graciously donated a Pavilion to be used for years to come. Helene Frazer graciously donated the Gazebo on the site. The property is ready for construction of the buildings. This project has been a vision and a labor of love for over 15 years; it is time to move it to the next phase of construction.

B. Why are we doing this project?

Rehoboth needs “Room to Grow” as we have outgrown the current site and need to expand in order to continue to develop our programs and service to our community. There is currently insufficient room for Sunday School classes, restroom facilities, fellowship space, parking, and handicapped access. The Sanctuary is at times overcrowded, there is not enough parking for events and for Sunday Services; there is also no available storage. If the Church wants to expand membership and ministries then it needs more space. The current building is old and requires extensive maintenance and repair on an ongoing basis with a new roof and heating/cooling system nearing time for replacement.

C. What is the current timeline for construction?

We believe it would take about 18 months from the time of breaking ground for the first phase of building construction for the multi-purpose building, kitchen and classrooms to be completed.

D. What will it cost? Whose estimate is this? How much debt do we have and how is it being paid?

The building estimate for this first phase is approximately $3 million based upon the design build documents and builder’s estimates. The last $300,000 of the debt on the infrastructure which includes the curb cut, sewer line, and parking lot has been completely paid off.

E. How do we plan on paying for the project?

We are pursuing a capital campaign to raise about 50-70% of the costs then we will finance the rest with some debt at a level that is affordable and serviceable based upon our current giving levels for the building fund.

F. What is the title and theme for the campaign?

Room To Grow is the title and theme with a picture of a tree as a campaign logo to remind us of the Rehoboth mission of providing Room for All.

G. What are the key campaign dates?

April 17-Gratitude Sunday

April 30-Prayer Event at Lappans Road property during the Cruise-in Car Show.

May 1, 2 & 3-Advanced Commitments Lead Gifts Gatherings

May 15-Commitment & Celebration Sunday at the Lappans Road property to include dedication of the new pavilion; this will include a Luau with food and beverages provided;

June 12-First Fruit Offering Sunday

June 19-Announcement Sunday

For those attending these events there will not be a request for money for any individual; it will be a general discussion of the project and the development of the campaign plan.

H. How will persons be asked to commit?

All members will be asked to pray for guidance. The theme is “not an equal gift but an equal sacrifice”. The leadership has been praying a simple prayer “Lord, what do you want to do through me?” to seek guidance for this project. We invite everyone to say this simple prayer.

I. What will happen to the current church?

This is complex question: Selling the Church to enable continued development on the Lappans Road site would require a Church or Charge Conference. We would need to follow the Church Disciplines. The final decision would be part of the overall financing plan for the new church including what to build, the contractor and financing. Maintaining the current church could be an expensive proposition when occupying the new church.

Eventually, the current church is intended to be sold to provide funds to continue to develop the Lappans Road property.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Campaign Benchmarks
First Step Benchmark – $750,000
This level of commitment is a minimum amount to get us started in the campaign. This benchmark is a beginning threshold for our effort and we are almost at this level already.
Challenge Benchmark – $1,000,000
To step beyond the first step and move ahead on our vision will require the participation of everyone across the church. This benchmark will put us further down the road to meeting the challenge of building to strengthen our church’s future ministry.
Celebration Benchmark – $1,250,000
This benchmark will allow us to take major steps toward the new facility by allowing construction to begin in the Fall of 2016. In addition it will significantly reduce the amount we would need to incur. The Celebration benchmark will be a greater sacrifice for us, but it is one we can reach as we all work together. It will require gifts across our entire congregation at every level. Gifts large and small will be necessary to reach this benchmark, but the real reward will be less indebtedness in our future and a greater ability to expand ministries in the years to come.